Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Bad & The Good

So, just under two weeks ago. I got rear-ended by a P-Plater driving a Navara Ute. MY POOR CAAAAAR Thankfully I was uninjured besides bruising and whiplash. It was terrifying I don't remember a lot of it, as there was a lot of hysterical crying on my part. Even my thermos of tea exploded all over my back seat and my glasses flew off my face! There was so much glass, It's amazing how much mess one window of glass can make.

And so began the quicker than normal hunt for a replacement.

I've always wanted a Mini, since I've had my Celica it was always going to be my next car. Although it happened a litter sooner than planned, I've fallen in love.

So now that all that drama is behind me, I'm hoping to have a very lazy few weeks, uneventful would be ideal. I'll get back into the blogging too.

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