Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finders Keepers

So Finders Keepers was just over a week ago now. Surprise surprise after that full on weekend I got sick! WEW!

Anyway onto the market! We set up around 3:30pm and it was pretty hectic but we got there! Looking fiiiiine in our fluros.

This is what the finished stall looked like, thanks to my dad for building the back wall and making us look pretty damn good. 

My boss came up with the grand scheme to put our faces on lollypops. They were the best seller of the market, probably because they were free...and sugar.

Over the course of the market I left 3 Curositea's around the place. They all got picked up, I hope they're happy in their new homes! 

The weekend was amazing and insane so many people so little time, sometimes there were so many people we couldn't actually get into our stall! But it was great fun. Much red bull and coffee was consumed a long with a lot of laughs and chatting to so many people. Onto the next market, don't know when don't know where but I'll keep you posted! Thanks to anyone who came and said hello and bought something! Thanks for having us Finders Keepers!

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