Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day in the life

Aka, one week till Finders Keepers Market and I'm starting to freak out.

Yesterday was the day I forced myself to get some serious shit done.
So I took some pics on the trusty iPhone, enjoy.

It started off as any good productive day should, with epic breakfast with the boyfriend.
Finally made it to Hammer & Tong. Pretty damn tasty.

Started said productive day as any should. With a list, seeing as it was particularly important to get work done today I opted for this approach. The more extreme the list the better the work ethic apparently.

First task was to sew together all of the Granny Square cards, boring task, fixed boredom with a little Pirates of Penzance. Jon English in his purple pants makes any task more entertaining, that and singing extremely loudly to all the songs.

CARDS DONE! And with that I moved onto the longest task of the day. Finishing making stock of my Inedible Edibles. And so the rest of the day went by, making tiny fruit and watching Orange is the New Black.

Sitting in ones bed for 6 hours straight does things. Not nice things to your neck and back and general mental state. So I moved downstairs because there was a fire, cat and 007. Who wouldn't?

OH! There was Gin too.

The last task for the night which also became this mornings task was a beanie for my Aunty.
My mum picked the colours, I knitted it, it was a whole collective thing.

SO yeah, wrote a big list, got shit done.
Market is in 5 days. OH GOD.

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