Monday, May 12, 2014


I've always been one of those people who think up great ideas as they drift off to sleep. There's that moment, the fork in the road where you have to decided if a) you wake yourself up and write down the idea which could be potentially terrible in the light of day or b) roll over and fall asleep hoping that if the idea is that good you'll remember in the morning anyway.

The idea for Natalie's little heart fingerless gloves/wrist warmers came to me in January. Possibly the most in advance birthday present planning I've done ever. I wrote the idea down in the back of my diary along with a little drawing as you can see above.

Creating knitting patterns seems to just works in my brain, maybe it's the maths plus design that just makes sense and it's so fulfilling to see it work. There's that glorious moment as a creative person or any person for that matter when you have an idea or concept and you see it come to life, exactly how you imagined it. 

These little gloves knitted up so well and were super soft and lovely (Morris & Sons Empire 8ply if you were curious). A few of the girls at work have even requested a pair for themselves when they saw me knitting them in my lunch break, always a good sign that I'm doing something right!

The day after I gave them to Natalie she sent me a picture of her beautiful self wearing them. Giving a friend a gift you've design and made by hand and seeing them love it is really special. Wow way to end on a soppy note. 

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