Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Grace and I talk a lot. I mean a whole lot. Since we were 6 years old we've been talking to each other. As the years move on and fucking on we have changed what we've talked about.
It used to be about Boys and Doctor Who and Benedict Cumberbatch...actually...we still talk about all those things now. But lately it's about ambition, life goals and how neither of us are the type to be complacent. "Being ambitious is just so draining" she said to me today in a text. I realised how true this really was.

We've spent hours talking to each other about our grand life plans like working overseas, change in jobs, going back to study and starting up a business. Then also those dream plans if money was no object...incase you wanted to know we'd live in an amazing Victorian era house and I'd have an alpaca whom I would make and knit yarn from.

The real stuff, the ambitious life stuff is really draining. But then what would life be like if we didn't have high goals? If we were just content with being complacent about life. Do people actually do this?

There are days when Grace and I mind-link (it's a thing) and go crazy at work. Just because right now it feels like we aren't moving towards those goals. Everyone has boring days at work when they dream about the what if's and those days are the worst. Especially when you see others doing what you want to be doing and you can't quite reach that yet.

But I don't know, ambition draining us is a good thing, I think because it means we want something, really want something, and that is half the game.

As I said to Grace just the other day "Sometimes your stepping stones just aren't in logical places" we will get there the road just might not make that much sense.

Man some days I am full of wisdom.

Those are some words.

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