Monday, February 17, 2014


This weekend just past an art fair called Supergraph (link) was held at the Carlton Exhibition Building. 
I genuinly knew nothing about this event until my good friend Brian (link) informed me that he was holding a stall along with the collective that he formed with some of his graduating class The Short List (link). So Brian, Grace and I had some delicious lunch at Proud Mary's and made our way over to the exhibition building where Brian would be manning their stall for the afternoon.

Compared to the other design markets held in this venue like Finders Keepers or The Big Design Market they kept things very minimal and spacious. I guess this was good and bad but as a visitor I felt much less likely to punch anyone in the face.

Brian spent his time colouring another version of his illustration he had for sale. All the talent he has it.

I really liked the identity design for the market using the very in, very now Bright Yellow. It helped everyone involved stand out alone with the cute street signs to help you find your way around.

The set up for the fair was interesting half stalls, half art hanging on walls for sale through Supergraph themselves. I personally preferred the stalls as, if I'm going to be buying myself some art I'd like to meet the maker of said art. That might just be me.

Have more Brian...

It's really refreshing seeing a design market done differently in Melbourne, there are so many now it's nice to see one focusing on illustrators and artists. Hopefully this first year is just the start of many good things to come.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two Years

So I've been in my job two years as of yesterday. That's a pretty big thing.

Can't believe two years already, time flies.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have my Face and a new Hat!

Just a standard Wednesday night.

I finished this hat last night and as per my new goals for the year I want to finish more things and photograph them properly! First one for the year!

Self Portraiture is an interesting topic that I always feel a little awkward talking about, because I feel like I need to explain myself when I take a portrait. Selfie culture and rude anonymous tumblr asks are ingrained in my psyche. Well fuck it. I'm certainly not a good model but I quite like photographing myself because I know exactly how I want the images to look and what works for me. Nope, I didn't touch up my make up or my hair, after a 90 minute drive home from work I set up the camera and put the hat on. Nobody has time for that.

One problem with being your own model and photographer trying to get the focus right, another is not taking yourself seriously...

So yes! New Hat! It's knitted with 9mm double pointed needles with Morris & Sons Estate 14ply.
I created this pattern and this hat to give to a friend but I think it's going to be a bit big for her so I'll make a slightly smaller one.

Might put these up on the etsy store. We shall see! They are a fun quick hat to make.