Thursday, January 9, 2014

Organised Chaos

Being home alone is a wonderful thing especially when you still live at home with your parents because you're hoping that soon, maybe, one day you'll be able to afford a home of your own without having to rent. REAL LIFE I was sitting here listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds winding down from thursday of the first week back of work, when I looked over at my desk, the last light of the day was coming in my window and it was creating great shadows, so I had to take a snap.That sounded like an awful lot of wank. Let me try again I was sitting in my underwear, singing obscenely loudly, looked at my desk went "oooh" and took a photo. Choose whichever writing style suits you best.Organised chaos is possibly the best way to describe my workspace at home. It's also a great way to describe my mind. Don't they say something like Tidy Home, Tidy Mind? I'm quite an anally retentive person, yet I find so much comfort in chaos, I don't think I could be creative without a little mess, there's something sinister about really clean spaces.

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