Friday, January 3, 2014

2014, Twenty Fourteen, Two Thousand and Fourteen

Firstly Happy New Year! I was thinking about New Years Resolutions and how I feel like they just aren't for me. I looked back to my 2013 post last year to see what I had said about Resolutions and I chose to write goals instead of resolutions, things that might get achieved. I even forgot I wrote these goals...but anyway these were the Goals:

So Hooray, I did indeed get most of the things I wanted to do done, I wanted to go to more gigs spend time with friend and live my life more, and I definitely feel like I did that. I continued to take more photos, which can be proven by this blog and although I didn't think it would happen I travelled this year! Not just to another state in Australia but SCANDINAVIA, I still can't believe that all fell into place.

The only goal I don't feel I achieved was Selling things at markets, because I didn't, I realised how hard it is for me to create stock to sell, because it's just me making my products. But that being said, as of the end of 2013 I've had 11 sales and 14 individual items sold, which is so much more than I was expecting. And that is no bad thing.

So onto 2014, these are my new 4 goals for the year:

Finish Things: I spend a lot of my spare time starting projects without finishing them, whether it be little bits of design or knitting and crochet projects. I need to apply myself a smidgen better and finish things!

Declutter: I was going to say "move out" which is something I'd love to do this year, but it's not guaranteed and it's something that's out of my control. So I changed it to Declutter, because I have a lot of things I don't need and if and when I do move out, I don't want to take useless things with me.

Photographs: As with last year I want to keep taking photos every chance I get

Go Travel: I've included this again as although I don't think I'll be going anywhere internationally this year, some sort of trip to keep my sanity would be important. You should always travel.

So yeah, that's my plan. 

Let me know if you have any goals or if you like resolutions I'd love to hear them!

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