Monday, December 30, 2013

Stockholm and Going Home from the iPhone

Here are a few fun snaps from my iPhone during our stay in Stockholm and on my Long, so so so long journey home.

Crossing over to Sweden by bus

New friends and Aquavit
Stockholms underground wins

Sneaky expensive purchases

That Banana
Lost my shit at seeing these in real life

mmmm minttu

Some really REALLY good burgers 
Last dinner together in Stockholm

And so my trip began to end. Got on a train to Stockholm airport and I was alone. 36 hours of travel alone.

On the train to the airport

View from the plane from Stockholm to London

This is what 8 hours of waiting to check in at Heathrow looks like.
More than halfway through my trip home I got to discover Andrew and Gaetan were also in Singapore on their way to Scandinavia, here's a photo Andrew took of us all gross from hours of travel. We ended up chatting for the hours waiting for our connecting flights and walked from terminal one to three, thats a long walk.

And then I was thrown back into reality and work the next day.Thanks to Brian and Steph and anyone else we met along the way, it was fantastic.x

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