Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Iceland Part 3 - From Ice to the Sea

The other tour we decided to do whilst we were in Iceland was the South Shore Adventure as it was a full day of venturing out to the coastline we'd otherwise fail to see.

It did not disappoint this tour showed us just how spectacular and diverse Iceland's landscape truly is.
And we got one of the most beautiful days you've ever seen!

The one most spectacular stops on this tour was being able to not only see Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, (the glacier volcano which most notably erupted in 2010 causing much distress to the worlds air traffic) see above image, but to also go up to and wander over the tongue of the glacier.

The most amazing thing about this glacier is that the volcanic eruption was only ash, even now 3 years on the ash is everywhere.

My other favourite destination of the trip was this black sand beach. We drove maybe 30 minutes to an hour from the glacier to this amazing, black sand beach. It oddly matched that ash covered glacier and yet it was a completely different landscape. You can even see the glacier from the beach! (Have a look at the second image down)

There's something about this last image that I just love. I spent the whole trip to the beach to try and avoid getting all the people in the photo but I really like this, there is something so still and peaceful about it. 

Iceland, it's truly fucking stunning, best you all go.

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