Wednesday, July 31, 2013

twenty three

So I turned twenty three last week. That was a thing. This year I actually felt like I had a Birthday. 

I celebrated my Birthday Eve at work and I arrived to this on my desk. The design team are a truly wonderful special bunch of people.

Emily then promptly came up to me and gave me these beautiful flowers. I can't remember the last time I was given flowers. So Lovely!

And then for lunch, as the tradition goes we have a not so surprise lunch where everyone brings in something and we sit on the floor of the studio and have an indoor picnic. The spread was amazing, we're a talented bunch of cooks!

On my actual Birthday I didn't get many gifts as a was given my present a few days early. I went halvies with my parents on an iPad mini along with a portable wifi hard drive so I can store all my photography overseas without taking a laptop. So far amazing! YAY iPad!

I also bought myself a little gift in the form of Happy Socks!

My mum did get me this wonderful children's book "Extra Yarn" possible one of the most beautiful picture books ever.

For the day itself, Grace and I ventured out to South Melbourne for brunch at Chez Dre, which is always amazing.

We spent the rest of my Birthday day wandering the city, looking at markets, watching Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing at the Nova and having a wonderful curry dinner.

It was so nice to have a quiet yet eventful birthday, and it wouldn't have been nearly as amazing without my wonderful friends and colleagues. A special thanks to Grace for spending my whole Birthday with me! xx

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