Monday, May 13, 2013

watching and waiting

I don't own a lot of items I truly say are well designed. I am a designer and I am naturally drawn to well designed things but even so I count two technology type items in my possession that I count as well designed. One being the Macbook Pro I'm currently typing on and the other I use to take my pictures. The Pentax DSLR, Penn by name. Until now.

A few months ago a group called Aark Collective (link) were featured on The Design Files (link) and I immediately fell in love with their watches. I'd wanted a new watch for a while but I hadn't found one that matched me. Then I saw their "Classic Tortoise" watch. OH DEAR LORD I fell hard and fast.

Unfortunately it was out of stock. I couldn't stop thinking about this watch until two fridays ago when I got an email saying it was back in stock. I wasted no time and on last tuesday it arrive at work in all its glory. I opened the wondrously thought out packaging to oohs and aahs in the office. It's nice to work with people that understand how important the little things are in design.

It is perfect. I liked the packaging so much I took some snaps to show you. And of course of the watch.

It is lovely and subtle and feminine and oh my I am in love. This is what happens to me when my personal life is all but lost in a desert, I fall in love with well design watches.

Objects like this just make me please to be a part of the land of design.

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