Thursday, May 2, 2013

sometimes you just need a laugh

Last week marked the end of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Every year I promise myself I'll go to at least one gig, because it's not that expensive and you get to go out and have a giggle with your friends with some of the worlds most famous comedians.

...and if nothing else you get to see the Melbourne Town Hall look spectacular for a month.

Each year we usually see a different spread of comedians, but our tradition seems to be Wil Anderson, because well we love him. Ever since the Glass House which was an amazing TV show that was cut far too short. Can we just take a moment to marvel in his backdrop, Wil the only human openly obsessed with his own visage. As usual he was amazing.

At the same venue on a different night I saw Adam Hills, a man who I've wanted to see live for a very long time but never went. He is charming and lovely and funny. Definitely glad I saw him.

And the finale to my list of gigs at the 2013 Melb International Comedy Festival was Danny Bhoy. He's another one we always see but he doesn't always come every year. This year's show was based on his angry letters to various companies. It was perfection and you know it's always comforting to hear his accent.

There are people out there who think the Comedy Festival is a waste of money, but since that first gig, Dylan Moran as a 16yr old I have never been more happy with handing over money for something. 
I will always spend money on live comedy...and getting to stare at Wil's face for over an hour.

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