Wednesday, April 3, 2013

two dead trees

So once again I am heading out to Clear Lake and Essdaile the family farm. Thinking about what to pack for the long weekend away I got distracted on tumblr and decided to post a picture. So I went back through my photography archive of previous trips to the farm.

I love Clear Lake, ever since the flooding rains 3 years ago the lake has had water in it. Since then I have spent some time documenting the lake from the same position.




There is something about those two dead trees that have been ingrained in my mind since I was a child. I just love them. Seeing them means I am home, they give me an odd sense of security.

Looking at these pictures makes me realise how much I have grown as a person, designer and photographer. I am proud of all these images. But that last one. I am so proud of. I look at it and think to myself I'm a good photographer and not only do I think it, I believe it too.

So Friday I'm off on a very minimal internet adventure. See you on the other side with another photograph of those two dead trees.


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