Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lake Bed

This past weekend as you may have realised from my last post, I went to Clear Lake. I've written a few blogs on the beautiful place and I always make sure I take photos on my trips.It all started Friday night after work, we arrived at the Essdaile the farm house at Midnight, after some tire troubles. I fell into bed and was quickly in the land of nod.Saturday morning was leasurly, whilst everyone else went out to Natimuk the closest "town" to Clear Lake, about a 30 minute drive. I wandered down to the lake to do what I love to do.Queue the obligatory photo of those two dead trees I love so dearly! 
As you can see, If you look back at previous photos I have taken of the two dead trees, the water has receded greatly. So much so,  that I could walk down onto the lake bed.

Here are the two dead trees from the side. Framing and angles are everything. They change a subject so much. You can also see in this picture just how much water has gone from the lake. Last time it was all the way up to the trees and grass on the left.

I went for a bit of a wander along the lake bed. Looking down at the cracked ground reminded me so much of my childhood and spending a day walking all the way across the lake. There was much more cracked soil then and much less water. Also check out my Doc Martens.

It's fascinating the things you find on a lake bed, from lots of dead trees, it felt a bit like one big graveyard, to old glass bottles and signs of more recent activity.

The more signs of "recent activity" I found the more disappointed I got. This is a beautiful old lake in the middle of no where, I found plastic bags, Strongbow Cider bottles and most saddening Shotgun shells. 

I get that this is a lake in a farming area but it still makes me disappointed even at a certain member of my family, that they feel a need to shoot animals and birds for sport and fun. I can understand, looking after your livestock and protecting your livelihood. But I dont get shooting ducks and other wildlife on a lake that less than 3 years ago had no water and no wildlife around it. 

That went somewhere I didn't expect. But that's what you get when you explore places, you find good things, you find intriguing things, you find beauty but you also find a bit of disappointment.

Luckily the beauty of this place and all of it's history will always outweigh my disappointment in my fellow human beings.

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