Monday, March 4, 2013

New Inedible Edibles - Photo Shoot

If you saw my previous post you'll know I've taken some photos of my new Inedible Edibles!
They are now available on Etsy for purchase (link).

Here's a little behind the scenes, now when I say photo shoot, I really mean, myself, a cup of tea, a tripod, my camera and some blue tack. Here are a few snaps and some insights into how I go about taking photos of my Inedible Edibles!

As you can see in the below picture, I work very...low fi. A piece of wool and some blue tac hold up the necklaces on the wall. My simple method is to take a few shots then move them around until they are sitting perfectly and so on. I first took group shots as I'm planning the Inedible Edibles to be in sets or series. The first two series are Fruits and Vegetables.

And this is the end result.

Fruit Series

Vegetable Series

After the group shots I took individual pictures of each pendant close up so the buyers can see exactly what they are getting without distractions.

Then I figured I should take one shot of all the pendants together to use online not only for Etsy but Facebook and other things. Did I mention I have a Facebook page? (link)

The Fruit & Vegetable Series
Then once the Product shots are done, I always take a few more "artistic" shots that I can use to promote the Inedible Edibles, because well I love getting artistic with my photography and trying new things. Also promoting your products is less about the exact details and more about getting their interest and attention. I'm really pleased how these turned out.

I hope you've found this a smidgen interesting

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