Saturday, March 2, 2013


Feburary as flown by! Sorry for the disappearance  I guess there are two main reasons/excuses for the lack of posting, one being I've actually been having a social life for the past few weeks I've been out past 1am on more that one night and on multiple weekends! You should feel super proud of me! The other excuse being I've been quite sick for the last week and a bit which sucks. So anyway what have I been up to? Here is a little montage!

First things first, I knitted a hat! I have never actually knitted a beanie before I always crochet them, but I saw this (link) pattern and I decided that I was going to give it a go, it was also the first time I've done a proper chart pattern and I just love the scollops! I'll definitely be using that motif a lot stay tuned! The hat turned out really lovely besides the fact that I look a little bit like a delinquent teenager, but I can work with that! I think adding a pompom will fix all my problems! Pom Poms always do!

The second highlight of the month was last weekend, and man was it a big weekend, well at least a big weekend for me! Martin Martini, yes I am going on about HIM again! He got the band back together! Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra played the 23rd and 24th at Bar Open for SLAM Day (Save Live Australian Music Day) Two shows only then they went back into the abyss.

It's safe to say I lost my shit when I found out these gigs were happening so Saturday night Grace and I got Laksa with some friends then headed to the gig, we were there early we didnt care and then when they finally started to play Grace, Luella and I bare-foot danced the night away, it was like we went back in time to that perfect summer. But it was even better.

Sunday night was much the same Grace and I turned up early again, all the band members said hello to us and praised us for our dancing the night before, we had a few drinks and it all began and ended again. Then I had to get up for work the next day. 4 and a half hours sleep is not enough...

Last thing to mention this month is that I have continued to create more Inedible Edibles! New members to the family are the Pineapple, a new Avocado, Cherries and a Chilli! I'm hoping to do some photography tomorrow so stay tuned for them to be available on the Etsy page (link)!

Chains for the Inedible Edibles also arrived this week, so now every order will come with a short stirling silver chain! EXCITING

The last thing to mention is I've just started knitting another hat! I'm using my Pickles wool and it's looking good so far, this one will just be solid colour with a big contrasting pom pom!

Normal posting should resume for the next month, but now that I have said that...I've probably just jinxed myself.


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