Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bagels, Books & The Bend

This week has been a long one! Works been super busy as it always is this time of year and then I've had some potential exciting things happen that then didn't happen. Even though it was a short working week, having the Labor Day public holiday on Monday, it felt like a lifetime.

It was so nice to wake up this morning to the weekend. Not only that but to a cold day, I had to put on a jumper! It's been over 30 degrees in Melbourne for 2 weeks now, so this is a long awaited cool change. Maybe Autumn will finally turn up now.

This afternoon I caught up with Brian and Steph for a potentially exciting thing. We're planning a trip to Scandinavia in September. I'm trying not to get excited about it just yet as I have to confirm that I can take the time off, but things are looking good.

So being the food lovers we are Brian took us to Manchester Press which is another one of those Melbourne gems hidden down an alleyway.

There was a small queue but within 20 minutes or so we were seated and ordering coffee and bagels. The cafe is a lovely renovated gutted warehouse like space. Another one of those places you wish you owned so you could live there and have a studio. Sigh. One day.

I am a sucker for cute things and just look at my coffee!

We all ordered different bagels I ordered the Tuna Melt with jalapenos on a sesame bagelWe were all incredible satisfied so much so Steph and I couldn't finish ours, to which Brian just said "Weak".

After filling up and a sneaky purchase of new sunglasses we dodged the rain and walked up to 1000 Pound Bend. Another one of those Cafe/Spaces that we love so much.

We were lucky enough to grab a sofa in the currently unoccupied gallery space out the back and got to work researching all that is Scandinavia!

We were quite pleased with these cups as tea came in them and I like Tea....and Niccolo is close to Nicole. Also lets just take a moment to look at my nails. Loving those colours!

We sat and we chatted and we planned and we got excited about travel, looking at Brian's various books and the things we could do if we had ALL the money.

It was a lovely rainy day to spend with friends and plan exciting things.
Once I get the all clear from work and book my flights I am going to be so excited!

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