Sunday, March 31, 2013

A wee Update

Just a little update to say WEW!

I've just booked my return flights to London! That was a heafty sum out of my bank acount but it will be worth it. I've also booked my flight from Sweden back to London before I fly home. It's nice to have that sorted, no stress.

I've also booked my Sigur Ros gig tickets in Manchester! The best birthday Brian will ever have!
Along with that Brian has booked our Manchester to Reykjavik and our Reykjavik to Oslo flights!

This trip is actually happening.

Flights are booked.

Annual Leave has been approved just got to fill out paperwork.

FOUR WEEKS OVERSEAS I am so looking forward to it.

Brian and I are going to Freak out together tomorrow over brunch.
I cannot wait.

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