Friday, February 15, 2013

The Oncoming Storm

(ten points to Gryffindor if you get the reference in the title)

This week has been a long one, and I was feeling pretty "under the weather" this arvo.

About an hour ago I heard a loud crack of thunder and as any normal person would I went to BOM's (The Bureau of Meteorology) website to see if there was a storm coming. Oddly enough there was a tiny very strong storm just over our surrounding suburbs.

So I went outside with my camera and this is what I saw:

Last but not least I had to show off this little gem. Can you see the Heart? I thought of my lovely friend Nat as soon as I saw this!

Although no rain came the sunset and the ominous clouds were perfect.

Clouds are so freaking amazing, I am constantly in awe of them, especially in paintings, I love the way the impressionists and neo-impressionists filled the sky with so much colour.

I loved just sitting out there on my letterbox taking the pictures...although apparently I was also getting bitten by little ants or something which I am now paying the price for.

This was a nice surprise on a Friday evening.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Something you may or may not know about me is that I am a little anally retentive when it comes to order. I blame members of my extended family who are a bit OCD. I'm not a clean freak or anything but I have moments, especially when I'm stressed when I feel the need to sort things. A little Order among my Chaos

I was tidying up my wool stash (which now takes up half my room) when I realised all my paper/stationery/paint lived in too many places. So I took on the task of re organising my little cabinet below so that I could store most of my stationery etc inside. Leaving space elsewhere for the wool!

This was my Grandmothers, the same grandma who taught me how to knit. It holds all things from my Uni work to paper samples and paint. This is one of the most functional pretty pieces of furniture I own it fits all the things it needs to and having the draws allows me to keep paper nice and flat.

Being so proud of my tidying skills I took some photos.

The top compartment is dedicated to all my important uni work including my folio there in that calico bag, which you might recall from a blog post a looong time ago.

Also, if you are interested I made those paintings in my second year of Uni for a project.

Did anyone else used to use Ice Cream container lids as their paint palettes? I was going to get rid of them, but they looked too nice and reminded me of happy times.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've been following the Pickles blog (link) for a long time. I've been meaning to buy some of their wool for ages, but I finally got around to doing it! Pickles is based in Norway but ship their gorgeous yarns world wide. And dont worry they have an English shop (link) as well as a Norwegian one! Also on their blog they feature a knitting pattern maybe once a week and one size of every pattern is free which is really nice of them! Otherwise you can purchase the pattern with or without the wool in your size.

I chose their Extra Fine Merino as I'm a fan of simple good quality wool in interesting colours. This certainly delivers! It took me a while to decide what colours to get but I ended up with 2 x Deep Aubergine, 2 x Deep Burgundy and one ball each of Pale Olive Leaf and Cold Beige.

I dont have any exact plans for this wool. But I really like the idea of crocheting a hat in one of the dark colours and then having a large pom-pom attached in the lighter shade, I think the contrast would be pretty!

So yeah, go check out Pickles they are really are lovely!