Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fine Design Market

This past Sunday I visited The Fine Design Market (link) for research. But any excuse to go to a Market let alone a design one is good enough for me! I spoke about this market in a previous blog.

The stalls were a bit sparse as it is still the school holidays and it was a bit of a miserable day! I was wearing a wooly hat! To make it clear I take any opportunity to wear one of the hats I've made but the wind was really cold for the beginning of January!

Here are some snaps I took whilst resisting not to buy ALL THE THINGS.

Bird meets Bliss

Bird meets Bliss

Leaf. Paper for Life

Bold and Striking 

After having a wander through, I spoke to the creator of the market about setting up my own stall and she was incredibly positive and helpful, she even gave me The Fine Design Market tote bag for free!

Now that I have visited this market I definitely think my crochet creations could easily fit in! It's also a good sign for my illustration friends as there were people selling prints which means hopefully there are people buying them too!

Disclaimer: I've tried to add links for the stalls under the images but most of them don't have an online presence that I can find! Head to the The Fine Design Market facebook page (link) for more info!

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