Friday, January 18, 2013


About a week ago Grace texted me saying she had a surprise 4 days off in a row from work and to quote her she wanted us to "ROAD TRIP TO BRISBANE". Seeing as Grace didn't know how long it takes to drive there nor how expensive flights are last minute we decided Queenscliff would be the best alternative!

So we settled on Tuesday got up the normal time I do for work and made it to graces place by 8am ready for the adventure!

Queencliff is about 2 hours from Melbourne and it's a lovely old seaside town. It feels like a country town except it's beside the sea.

We arrived happily and hungry then we stumbled across a confection and preserves store. Not only does the below honey have the same name as my mothers Maiden name the type "Grampian" is near where my mums family lived! To make it even more coincidental the maker of this specific honey is John Edmonds, which is the same name as my Granddad and he lives in Torquay where my Grandad lived before he passed away! WHAT!? Safe to say I bought it and it is delish!

We also stumble across a lovely bookshop which had all the lovely popular new fiction, cookbooks, design books and other lovely things. I miss independent bookstores.

We then had a lovely hot chocolate that came with PAC MAN COOKIES ON THE SPOON. 
Then came the Fish and Chips, which was the ultimate goal of the day. We ordered enough to feed at least 4 people! 

We made the very short walk to the beach and had a lovely sit on the sand in the sun. It was a perfect day not too hot, not too burny and there was a cool breeze.

ALL THE FRIED FOOD. You will be pleased to know, we ate almost all of it

And of course being the pastey whitey's we are we had to re apply sunscreen half way through our "sun baking"

 Due to us sitting upon the sand and eating fried delicious sea food treats, naturally we gained some friends.

It was all fine until....armageddon.

After the obligatory dip your feet into the water we relaxed for a bit more before the long drive home.

I had such a wonderful day with Grace, it's nice to get away every now and then and just chat, laugh and gossip and do nothing but eat and look at bookstore.Thanks for a lovely day Grace I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Time to consume all the honey and plan our next adventure!
You'll also note that Grace and I are both wearing my Crochet Pendants! WEW

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