Monday, January 28, 2013


I did a thing. This Saturday morning I went out to the St Andrews Market and I bought a Terrarium!

I've always found them pretty but this one caught my eye as it had one of my favourite plants inside, Chain of Hearts. Nat (link) if you are reading this, I'm probably going to buy you a pot plant with Chain of Hearts in it. After all if you only have one plant it should be HEARTS! Nat really likes hearts...

It will be lovely to see this growing in my room...and if the plant dies...well...I'll crochet some flowers to go inside instead!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five a Day

If you follow me on Facebook (link) or Tumblr (link) you are probably aware that since I made that little avocado for Grace I've made a few more tiny creations!

When one cannot find a model to take photos of, one must become that model...

There are 5 currently available at my Etsy Store (link) The Apple, Mushroom, Aubergine, Carrot and Coconut! More will soon be added along with the Avocado!

Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm slowly but surely getting everything together to redesign my Identity! I now have a stamp of my logo and an ink pad which just happens to match my Pantone colour ALMOST EXACTLY

Just waiting on the paper stock I like to be delivered then I can start making stuff with my logo all over it!

Friday, January 18, 2013


About a week ago Grace texted me saying she had a surprise 4 days off in a row from work and to quote her she wanted us to "ROAD TRIP TO BRISBANE". Seeing as Grace didn't know how long it takes to drive there nor how expensive flights are last minute we decided Queenscliff would be the best alternative!

So we settled on Tuesday got up the normal time I do for work and made it to graces place by 8am ready for the adventure!

Queencliff is about 2 hours from Melbourne and it's a lovely old seaside town. It feels like a country town except it's beside the sea.

We arrived happily and hungry then we stumbled across a confection and preserves store. Not only does the below honey have the same name as my mothers Maiden name the type "Grampian" is near where my mums family lived! To make it even more coincidental the maker of this specific honey is John Edmonds, which is the same name as my Granddad and he lives in Torquay where my Grandad lived before he passed away! WHAT!? Safe to say I bought it and it is delish!

We also stumble across a lovely bookshop which had all the lovely popular new fiction, cookbooks, design books and other lovely things. I miss independent bookstores.

We then had a lovely hot chocolate that came with PAC MAN COOKIES ON THE SPOON. 
Then came the Fish and Chips, which was the ultimate goal of the day. We ordered enough to feed at least 4 people! 

We made the very short walk to the beach and had a lovely sit on the sand in the sun. It was a perfect day not too hot, not too burny and there was a cool breeze.

ALL THE FRIED FOOD. You will be pleased to know, we ate almost all of it

And of course being the pastey whitey's we are we had to re apply sunscreen half way through our "sun baking"

 Due to us sitting upon the sand and eating fried delicious sea food treats, naturally we gained some friends.

It was all fine until....armageddon.

After the obligatory dip your feet into the water we relaxed for a bit more before the long drive home.

I had such a wonderful day with Grace, it's nice to get away every now and then and just chat, laugh and gossip and do nothing but eat and look at bookstore.Thanks for a lovely day Grace I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Time to consume all the honey and plan our next adventure!
You'll also note that Grace and I are both wearing my Crochet Pendants! WEW

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fine Design Market

This past Sunday I visited The Fine Design Market (link) for research. But any excuse to go to a Market let alone a design one is good enough for me! I spoke about this market in a previous blog.

The stalls were a bit sparse as it is still the school holidays and it was a bit of a miserable day! I was wearing a wooly hat! To make it clear I take any opportunity to wear one of the hats I've made but the wind was really cold for the beginning of January!

Here are some snaps I took whilst resisting not to buy ALL THE THINGS.

Bird meets Bliss

Bird meets Bliss

Leaf. Paper for Life

Bold and Striking 

After having a wander through, I spoke to the creator of the market about setting up my own stall and she was incredibly positive and helpful, she even gave me The Fine Design Market tote bag for free!

Now that I have visited this market I definitely think my crochet creations could easily fit in! It's also a good sign for my illustration friends as there were people selling prints which means hopefully there are people buying them too!

Disclaimer: I've tried to add links for the stalls under the images but most of them don't have an online presence that I can find! Head to the The Fine Design Market facebook page (link) for more info!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cool Grey 10

So I finally picked a Pantone colour for my logo!

Little did I know that Cool Grey 10 is also used for many of their "Pantone Universe" Objects.
I might have to purchase some of these!

Images sourced from Pantone and HiDesign

Something to Aspire to.

My lovely friends at Silly Rabbit (link) are going to be at a market this Sunday coming! I've never heard of this Design Market but it's in Doncaster which isn't too far from my home and it's a reasonable price for emerging designers. Its called "The Fine Design Market"and it runs once a month.

This is their website home page. Click here to check it out!

So yeah this is something to strive for! Maybe the February or more likely March market I'll have enough stuff put together to sell! How exciting!

Thanks to the girls at Silly Rabbit for posting this on their Facebook page otherwise I'd still be in the dark about it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve 2012: A Film

This is the much anticipated NYE Film featuring: Myself, Grace, Andrew, Henry, Gaetano, Chris, Matt, Will and George.

Andrew has outdone himself on this editing it is truly lovely!

This features a prominent Australian politician, doing what he does best.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, Twenty-Thirteen, Two-Thousand-and-Thirteen.

First things first...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here is a very hipster photo I took of the sparklers we had on NYE!

Last night was so lovely. BBQ, alcohol, a pool, New friends, One very old and dear friend and...certain happenings which I will not divulge in fear of embarrassing the concerned party.

It all started at 3pm, well I got to Graces and Andrews at 3pm and thus commenced the drinking. Grace made this super punch which when anyone asked What's in it? she simply replied You don't want to know. We migrated to a house that was 5 minute walk from theirs and enjoyed the pool and BBQ and the general splendour of a lovely afternoon and evening. Grace and I, with the help of alcohol braved the pool in our bikinis which in itself was amazing. 10 points to the Pastey Whiteys!

I didn't take any photos because Andrew filmed most of the evening with his "Go Pro" camera either as a time laps or actual video. The footage of the night is amazing so hopefully he'll finish a video soon and I will share it with you all!

So onto Resolutions. Grace is a big New Years Resolution writer and she keeps all her lists from previous years. I've neven been one to write resolutions as with most people I believe they are almost made to be broken. But watching Grace get so into it today (some of her resolutions were even about me!) I found myself thinking about what I want to achieve in 2013.

2012 was a big year for me, officially graduating from Uni, getting a full time design job, taking a road trip around Tassie and so many other fantastic things happened that I want to make 2013 even better.

So the first thing on my list I achieved today, as Andrew, Grace and I had planned to do so. I've never eaten a McDonalds burger...EVER, I know...I know. So January 1st 2013 was the day, and I had one. It tasted as I expected, if not better and naturally my body disagreed with it slightly but none the less I have now had a Big Mac! WEW!

My other, lets call them goals are quite simple:
  • Do more with my time: I've got to start saying yes to more things, going to gigs, seeing friends and staying up past 10pm. 
  • Have a stall at a designery market at least ONCE this year.
  • Keep taking pictures
  • Travel somewhere: whether it be Brisbane, New Zealand or Sweden.
And the final thing, like everyone last night said, Just keep doing what I'm doing. Sure there are things I'd like to improve in my life, namely my singledom (haha) but overall I am extremely blessed and happy. I hope whoever is reading this little blog had a fantastic 2012 NYE and has an even better 2013. I know I'm looking forward to it!